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Turkey chicken farming business plan- Trending but oldest idea

Turkey chicken farming business introduction : Turkish agriculture is a lucrative business. Turkey broiler grows as fast as chickens and in a very short time becomes suitable for slaughter purpose. Turkey agriculture was very popular for meat production, then egg production from Turkey. Turkey chicken agriculture is similar, with poultry breeding such as chickens and ducks. Turkeys are also very social with humans and raising turkeys is really a lot of fun and fencing good houses with enjoyable homes and all kinds of necessary amenities is a much needed product for commercial turkey.

In this case you need to make a permanent house like a chicken house and ensure the availability of all the necessary facilities for fencing, the fence should be strong enough to protect the birds so that the turkeys are as large in size as possible and very strong. You can eat woven wire fencing metal tee posts or wooden posts with electric poultry netting and watering for good and nutritious feed will keep the bird healthy and productive.

So it is good to learn how to feed turkey birds and it will help you to avoid problems in turkey farming and reduce feeding costs. Turkey needs more protein in their diet for the first few weeks than other domestic birds. Protein and poultry feed should be at least 28 percent, you can go with a chick starter, which contains 28 percent protein feed. Turkey Chick Starter is the first six weeks and after that period you can grow them or increase the food or feed should contain 20% protein. The amount of protein in turkey feed is higher than in chickens or other poultry, providing them with nutritious food and adequate fresh and clean water.

Generally 2 gallons of fresh water is required or care and maintenance of a dozen turkeys will always try to keep your birds in a healthy environment and learn more about turkey breeding and how to avoid health problems Give your birds clean non-contaminated or stale food Always clean water. Keep enough space inside the house and finally take care of your birds to prevent turkey diseases. The best way to prevent turkey diseases is to allow them fresh air and roosts in a large pen and move the turkey house or roosters to fresh ground often. So manure does not accumulate in one place.

And it is generally recommended not to start turkeys together with poultry and you have raised turkeys and chickens separately. If turkeys cannot be kept separate from chickens you can buy some drugs to prevent them, get proper protection from all kinds of carnivores and make sure there is enough space available inside the house for harmful animals. Generally 75 feet to 75 feet of space is suitable for accommodating up to 12 people. Turkeys are not allowed to graze in pastures until they are old enough to graze.

Wooden litter used for turkey farming is very effective .Especially fresh air and light flows in. The house has a proper ventilation system, which is sufficient to clean the house regularly. If the offselling is as high as possible, the fencing in commercial turkey breeding should be at least four feet above the ground. The birds become marketable within 12 to 20 weeks.

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