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Organic Mango Farming – Smart Farming Business

Introduction of this business:Organic Mango Farming can be cultivated in both tropical and subtropical regions from sea level to 1500 meter altitude provided there is no high humidity rain or frost. During the flowering stage having good rainfall and dry summer is best suitable conditions to grow mangoes. Mango fruits can be cultivated on wide variety of soils from alluvial to literate the soil should be well-drained and deep minimum of 6 van Gogh trees per fear slightly acidic soils with ph 5.5 to 8.0.

Requriments: Generally spacing between plants varies from variety to variety unless growth areas or dry zones a spacing of 10 meter into 10 meter is preferred. Whereas in regions with heavy rainfall and rich soils where abundant vegetative growth occurs a spacing of 12 meter into 12 meter is recommended dwarf hybrid mango varieties can be spaced at 5 meter into 5 meter pests and diseases. Mango hopper 2 sprays Campanile ease emergency and  size of fruits of barberry 0.15%monochrome, 0.04% or phosphorylation 0.05 mealy bug sloughing inter spaces in November and dusting 2% methyl ,parathion 200 gram per tree near the trunk and fixing 20 centimeters wide 400 gauge polythene strips around the trunk with grease applied on the lower edge .

In January as prophylactic measures and 2 sprays of monochrome 0.04% at two weeks interval as control are needed powdery mildew two to three sprays of settable sulfur 0.2% or care Thane 0.1% at 12 to15 days interval anthracite. Two sprays of atavistic 0.1% of fortnight interval malformation, one spray of 200 parts per million. Then in October followed by DE blossoming at bud pits should be filled with original soil mixed with 25 kilograms. While rotten farmyard manure 2.0 – two point five kilograms single super phosphate and one kilogram luxuriate of potash.

Cultivation process: One year old healthy straight growing graphs from reliable nurseries should be planted at the center of pits dug along with the bull of the earth intact. During rainy season so that the roots will not be expanded and the graft union will be above the ground level. Usually 160 grams to 175 grams of urea 115 grams of single superphosphate and 115 grams of myriad of potash plant should be applied aged from 1 st to 10 thiron there after 1.6 kilograms1.1 kilograms and 1.1 5 kilograms respectively of these fertilizers per plant.

Riping period : Per year should be applied in two equal split doses June to July and October irrigation is not recommended for two to three months prior to flowering. As it is likely to promote vegetative growth and impacts the yield drip irrigation is preferred in mango cultivation .When mango contains yellow color then start mango collection without a shaking of trees it is better to collect mango with jute bamboo cottage picking mangoes off a tree.

 It should be carried out on the basis of their maturity if you want to sell them in the local market then pick them at their maturity and if you want to export your production. Then pick them just before their maturity how to ripen green Organic Mango Farming is not a challenging job anyone can perform it.

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