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Top 10 Passive Income Business Ideas for 2020-Part-1

Top 10 Passive Income Business Ideas for 2020-Part-1First and Second Idea:-As an entrepreneur there is always going to be a limit on how much you can earn.Once said you’re not rich unless you can earn money in your sleep. Passive income ideas allow an entrepreneur to earn revenue without requiring your direct involvement millions of people are looking for ways to make passive income stream.

Top 10 Passive Income ideas for 2020 number one affiliate marketing. Online affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing them chirp between a website owner and an online merchant. The website owner will place advertisements on his websites to either help sell the merchants products or to send potential customers to the merchants website. All in exchange for a share of the profits there are three types of affiliate marketing programs.

You can choose one pay per click or cost per click to pay per lead or cost per lead and three pay per sale or cost per sale. Number two blogging .The blogging scene has changed in recent years. Previously people used to blog to fulfill their passion some found it the perfect solution to remain in touch with near and dear ones globally with the increased popularity of Internet.

E commerce business:-Number three eCommerce business. If you are one those who still want to see how wonderful eke immerses you must definitely start now. It is necessary that you take the opportunity of creating an e-commerce business today. Since many retailers are hesitating on continuing their plan on creating eCommerce businesses number for drop shipping picture. This you sell a product that you don’t ever have to store you set your retail price and every time you sell your wholesaler ships.

The product for you to your customers door in your name and you keep the profit how is that possible. It’s called drop shipping simply put a drop shipper is a distributor that will ship products in single units directly to your customer in your name.

Mobile app:-Number five mobile apps. Have you ever wished of creating your own great game or dream app for iPhone or iPad making money with mobile applications is such a smart idea step. One learn the system study and think decide which type and platform for which you would like to develop your mobile app step two think of the app gather great ideas.

Learn programming languages or hire any freelance programmer for creating your app .Step 3 create the app you have the idea now it is time to make your idea become a reality construct and test it out. Step 4 add it to the app store within days not weeks profit every day decide on the pricing the usual price for an app ranges from$0.99 to $10.

Blogging:-Number 6 video blogging .Honestly video blogging is a totally new resource of introducing ideas and products over the Internet. We surely do know about text blogging but now videos are used as a preferable way of representation. This form of exchanging information may perhaps involve a lot of resources but it is all worth it. If pictures say a thousand words then video blogging goes beyond that you can make thousands of monthly income by becoming a successful you tube .

Membership site:-Number seven membership sites having expertise of some sort can be parlayed into passive income .As well you can set up a membership site which charges a monthly fee for access as long as you can keep a stream of traffic coming to your site you will have money coming in every month.

Product Creation:-Number eight product creation. You can create your own product and offer it for sale on your website. This could be an e-book about atopic that you have some knowledge or expertise in an audio program or a how-to video series. You create the product once and you continue to get paid for it. Each time you sell a product.

Crypto currency:-Number nine crypto currency. crypto currencies are the latest fighting in the digital world and have now been recognized as being part of the monetary system. In fact enthusiasts have tagged it as the revolution of money if you have extra funds for investing. Then you can start buying and selling crypto currency to make passive income.

E book:-Number ten eBook publishing. There are plenty of great resources online that will help guide you through the process of formatting writing and publishing your eBook. Don’t be afraid to use themes a small initial investment in a guide will help stimulate .you guide you save, you valuable time and money in the long run.


Number eleven Laundromat business. This is another recession safe offline business becoming popular among investors from around the globe setting up a self-service cloth washing company is pretty easy. You have to hire someone to collect the money or you can do it yourself just maintain the machines and accessories regularly. This will help you stay protected from different technical hazards. This will also help you make passive earning every day. follow above Top 10 Passive Income for earning

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