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Chicken Farm – Starting a Business Layer Chicken Farm

Chicken Farm – Starting a Business Layer Chicken Farm:Poultry egg farming is a lucrative business that generates income for millions from all over the world. You need to determine the size of your check and egg production project. That means the number of poultry you want to cycle, the location of the business. For example, Layers Chicken Farm and Your Target Market These options are influenced by the amount of capital you have and the size of your target market.

Growing of hens:
If you do not have much capital, you can always start small and grow your poultry egg breeding business over time Cave Poultry is such a special breed of hens that they should be raised when they are one day old. They start commercially laying eggs from eighteen to nineteen weeks of age .They lay eggs continuously from 72 to 78 weeks of age. They can produce 1 kg of eggs by consuming 2.25 kg of food during the egg-laying period.
A good layer poultry housing system helps keep the bird safe while growing and productive housing is also vital to increasing the membrane. Poultry Commercial and small scale poultry house protects poultry birds from adverse weather conditions and injury .

Temprature maintance of hens:Poultry birds need a draft free and dry house with proper ventilation system and temperature management .You can increase layer poultry in both deep litter and both. Cage system.The cage system is suitable for commercial production purposes. Poultry producers in the cage system use thousands of birds under one shed if you want to raise your birds. Build a large house compared to the height of the width of the cage system Broiler House Cave Poultry Feeding You need to make sure that the feed you buy is rich with the required food value. Protein and minerals are very important for the head, as they provide 2% calcium for the first two weeks of birth, if you notice that they are not gaining the expected weight.

Then you should serve the starter feed two or three times a day for eight weeks. Demand for feed increases rapidly until they are 18 weeks old. Layers provide poultry feed according to their age and weight when the birds begin to lay. Do not reduce the amount of feed. The health of chickens when feeding or gaining weight depends on the supply of fresh, clean and pure drinking water.You need to provide enough water for your chicks to purify the water mixture, blending 0.3 grams per liter of hot water or a little hot water in the winter depending on the age and species. Providing a diet of chicken can control the weight of the chicken.

Use enough calcium phosphorus vitamins, amino acid and other mineral supplements in their diet to purify water consumption bleaching powder or chlorine. If you follow these methods, you may benefit from your cave poultry farming business. Vaccinations and its Important Vaccination Program Chicks help to keep chicks out of poultry poultry diseases by making vaccines immune to all diseases. makes.

health condition of hens:Disease prevalence decreases the lower mortality rate and the lower mortality rate equals greater output greater production equals greater profit. There are many different types of poultry vaccines available for membrane poultry used for pre-vaccination. Chicken Farm do not need to be vaccinated without any stress Unhealthy chicken vaccines do not require vaccination with hot boiled water age remedic medicine or antiseptic. The preventive vaccine is always applicable to a healthy bird. It is important to vaccinate an infected bird that cuts off a hen’s lip. You should cut your chicks’ lip by eight to ten days.

Cut off the lip of a growing chicken at the age of 8 to 12 weeks. Cut the chick’s lip 0.2 cm from their nose. In case of growing chickens, cut the upper and lower lip. Do not cut the two lips together Use a black chic trimming machine to cut the limbs. Do not cut the lip two days after the vaccination or before using certain medications such as sulfur.
In case of adverse weather conditions and if they start laying eggs. Egg product from commercial layer form winding. In the first 20 weeks, 5% of chickens start laying 10% eggs. When birds begin to lay them, they are 21 weeks old, and they produce excessively when they reach the age of 26 to 30 weeks, although they may differ in their stress. After the maximum number of eggs are laid, they usually stop playing for a few days and after this period their egg production is slowed down.

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