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Indian Postal Franchise Business start up idea – Work with government

Indian Postal Franchise Business introduction: Want to start a business that too along with government .from the  above statement you guys get curious and shocked right ! but its true. today I am going to share this information with you all in this article completely.

It is nothing but Indian Postal franchise business . you can start this business only with 5000 rupees and earn lots of money and profit from it. Every one can start this business .you can start it any where it may be in rural and urban areas .

Now I will explain how to start this business .It is simple process you can done through Online process. First you need to go to Google and search for Indian Postal Franchise Scheme then tap it. Directly bring you to the sight. You need to study the instruction given by them and click on the “Click Here” Option.

After that it will open PDF file. If you clearly observe that PDF it will divide into two categories of franchise. 1st Franchise Category is counter service outlook franchise and the other is postal agent.You can select any one of them but if you select counter service outlook gives you more earnings and resembles just like postal service.

You have to start it where there is no availability of post. Now I will explain the difference between the counter service outlook and postal service.Schemes that include are speed post, telegrams and money orders.Government will gives you commission for it. But as a postal agent you can start with stamps,renivals etc.. Government will gives you commission for it.

Now I will explain about mandatory things to aplly for this business. Mainly you need to pass 8th class,you should be Indian and 18 Plus aged person.Strict rule is from postal department is that if anyone of the member working in Indian Postal department is not fit.

Finally there was a form in pfd file that is nothing but personal details of you like name, nationality,address,pan card number etc..After filling you need to submit in the head post office of your surroundings.Within 2 weeks postal department will announce about it if your eligebal and you need to pay 5000 rupees. After that for one week they will give the postal training and you need bare your expenses for basic needs.Finally from above all you can start this business and before taking step just think whether it suits or not.

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