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How to Start Mobile Phone Repair Business in India ?

Mobile repair is a business niche in India that has rapidly grown in past few years.
Though it is a very competitive business, many companies are starting to think about how they can start their mobile repair business.
One of the best ways to launch your mobile repair business plan is by getting an idea of market opportunities that you can grow into by using your unique selling proposition (USP). As a new entrepreneur, it is essential for you to understand well the problem and identify how you can solve it.
In this article, I will guide you step-by-step towards understanding the problem and identifying how you can solve it in three simple steps.
Business Details :
When I started to write my first book on mobile software development, I had no idea what mobile phones were used for or how they worked or why they had caught on. I’d only read about them in textbooks and online tutorials. Fast forward a few years, and I’m now the chief architect of a whole ecosystem of mobile software products from a micro-labs to an enterprise company; one that’s growing at nearly double-digit rates per year. And we are still discovering new challenges every day.
For the most part, this is still considered a hobby for many of us, which means that creating something useful for people who use your product is not always easy. But it’s still worthwhile. The following tips should help you get started:
1: Understand your users
The first step is to understand your users, particularly those who use your product in the same way as you do. If they don’t like features or don’t understand why something works the way it does, then you’ll need to spend some time asking them questions (or having them ask you questions) until you get a good understanding of their needs and problems with their current solution. This will help you understand what’s most important to them and build out solutions that address their needs directly instead of depending on external systems like CRM or email marketing services to deliver value (which may not be reliable).
2: Communicate clearly
The second step is communication. This is all about being more honest with your users so that they can carry out tasks more easily than before — and keeping them informed with regular updates so that they are eager for new information about what you’re doing for them when it comes up again. In today’s world of social media where there isn’t much privacy left anywhere anymore, it’s crucial that people know what you’re doing when they ask; especially if it involves secrets like phone numbers or personal data. Even if not everything in this world is created equal — especially if not everything in this world has privacy — there needs to be some kind of trust between people before anybody can do anything without getting involved in controversies over privacy violations (like Facebook’s recent Cambridge Analytica scandal). Whether it’s about building trust, staying up to date on developments in technology or just communicating with customers: always be careful about how much information flows from one person to the other outside your own organization!
3: Make sure communication happens freely Communication happens freely
Business Competition :
There are many factors that determine the growth of a mobile phone repair business, including the right people to run a mobile repair business (will they be happy with minimum wage? Will they be happy moving to another country if their boss doesn’t like them?), the right technology and the right location. The decision of where to start a mobile phone repair business can be made depending upon these factors. There are numerous locations in India which could serve as good places for a mobile phone repair business. However, there are also some good places where you can set up your services with ease.
The first thing you need to consider is that which location you would like to start your mobile phone repair business in. For example, if you want to start a mobile phone repair business in Delhi then it would be wise for you to go for one in Delhi (the capital city). But if you want to start your own company from next door, then it would be better for you to rent out a place from his owner.
So before deciding on where to set up your mobile phone repair business, decide on what kind of location you want your company or shop/repair shop/repair centre/repair service center/dealership/repair workshop/repair school (whatever) or any other related product or service facility to have.
You need an office space that is large enough and has sufficient power points in order that staff working there can work while charging their phones.
It is important that all employees working at the office use proper protective equipment such as gloves and goggles so as not to cause any damage while working at their phones.
You also need soundproofing, privacy walls, heaters and air conditioning so as not to make too much noise at work place etc.
You might also need some more facilities such as toilets and drinking water etc., but generally speaking these facilities do not add much cost since one can easily provide these facilities without spending much money.
Mobile Phone Repair Market Study :
In the early 2000s, a few companies attempted to enter the mobile repair market in India. It was not a big business at that time. But with the advent of smart mobile phones, the cost of repairing them dramatically reduced. Since then, there have been several startups taking this business seriously.
This post is an attempt to put together some insights on starting a mobile repair business
To understand this business better, it is useful to see what kind of products can be repaired and how they are sold. The famous smartphone industry has grown at breakneck speed and the single market segment for smartphones and basic accessories (such as batteries) has become very crowded in recent years. A smartphone’s life span is about two years and most users consider the device out of service for only one year after purchase. This limits its usefulness for repairs — but there are still many opportunities for some kind of new market segment that would extend its lifespan beyond two years or so of use.
The following are some questions you should answer before you start your venture:
#1: What types of products do you see yourself selling? Do you think they will be sold by any individual or retail stores?
#2: What is your target customer profile? How much income do you expect from each customer?
#3: Is there any potential revenue from third-party distribution channels? How much will this be generated? (Traditional retail sales channel as well as online sales channel.)
#4: Will your product need a separate distributor or can it directly go to end customers (through online stores)? If yes, how will this work? #5: How does your product fit into the existing product ecosystem in terms of price, quality, warranty coverage and other factors? #6: What are your competitive advantages over other products on the same category? #7 :How much information do you need on your product before being able to sell it? For example –Where is my product made; Who designs it; Who makes/maintains it; Who owns it; Where is my website located; And so on… #8 :Do you have any experience with similar products in related categories (e.g., Mobile Repairing)? If yes –how did they fare in the market /What were their key features/problems etc.? #9 :If you have already tried to start this business –what were its main challenges / obstacles / learnings / lessons learned (business plan)?
Business Marketing Plan :
The purpose of this post is to show you how to start a mobile repair business plan. Every startup should have one (the single most important document when starting a business), and it is a must. It can be used as your go-to plan in case you are faced with any kind of issue with your product or service, and it has to be kept in mind while making decisions on everything from the kind of platform to use, the pricing model, etc.
If you are just starting out and are not familiar with what a mobile repair business plan is, then let me give you an example:
Steve Jobs (founder of Apple) was always very careful about things like pricing and marketing. He was an advocate for getting people to use his products not solely for their price, but for their quality — something he called “quality by design”. A lot of his products were priced higher than normal because they had good internal quality control; so many people felt there was no point in buying them at all because they wouldn’t last long enough — something he didn’t want to happen! The same philosophy applies across the board: if your product or service isn’t good enough or doesn’t fulfill its purpose well enough, don’t promote it frequently and heavily — if you do, people will soon learn that it isn’t worth the trouble or money!
So that means your marketing plan has to be light-weight and focused on driving awareness among potential customers (preferably using science & research — as we have seen many times before). You need multiple channels of communication: email & social media (including SMS/texting), retail shops/outlets etc., affiliate marketing (through services like MozStartups) etc. Your approach should also be aggressive: use all available resources at your disposal so that you can reach as many people as possible!
I am sure this post will make you think about it more carefully when creating your own marketing plan 🙂 I hope this helps 🙂
The world has changed. How does one become a successful entrepreneur in the mobile phone industry?
Mobile repairing is an industry that is exploding. There are hundreds of small companies operating in this niche, but none of them has been able to inspire us to write a business plan (or even a business plan for that matter).
In the upcoming weeks we will be trying to answer this question and give you some ideas on how to start your own mobile repairing business.
To help us with this task, we have come up with some questions that can be answered by your answers:
1- What do you think will be the key success factors and obstacles when starting your own mobile repairing company?
2- What do you consider as the most effective way to gain market share?
3- Is it worthwhile to extend your service beyond India if you want to succeed?  How would it benefit you and your customers if you do so?
4- How many customers will your company generate during its first year of operation, and what will be their contribution towards revenue generation during the same period?  Do you think that having a small customer base or having a good marketing strategy will help or hinder customers from joining your company?  Does having a broad customer base make any difference at all in terms of market penetration?
5- Where should one start or should one simply take things as they come?
Business Plan Final Conclusion :
The mobile phone industry in India (also in the world) is growing very fast. There are many reasons for this growth, but one of them is the increasing adoption of smartphones in India.
Mobile repairing business plan helps you to identify your target market and also get a clear idea about the services you can offer to them.
The business plan helps to define and evaluate the mobile phone repair market and also helps you to determine what are the most likely expenses and revenues that would be generated on your startup.


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